Commercial Farming and Soil Fertility

Consultancy and systems driven by ecological affordable solutions for large scale farming

Presenting cost effective ecological farming solutions for the future and the hidden potential of harnessing the exponential energy of microbes.

No Farmers = No Food!

We all at the Green Guerrillas are committed to addressing some of the critical financial headaches for every large scale farmer – the cost of input verse yield.

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Check out this short movie on a 10 ton organic digester designed by us for commercial specifications:

We also offer Culturing AACT (aerated activated compost tea) on a large scale. Microbial and worm husbandry, intensive composting systems, high dense nutrient rich feed for livestock grown in living soil and harvested in 7 days, closed loop and bio-integrated methods catering for large scale systems. Setting up of CSA (community supported agriculture) grazing management and empathy farming principles for livestock.

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