How to grow your own food, workshops, on-line courses

Think like a farmer, to be successful at growing your own food, and to improve your systems embrace the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. – AKIM Riemer, a new generation farming instructor

Growing your own food will have many challenges; experienced growers well tell you they have been most successful when they have found joy and satisfaction above the hard work and frustrations of intensive food production, dance with nature and harvest the fruits of sustainable living.

Education and empowering others with knowledge of sustainable living is the passionate driving force of AKIM Riemer, still a scholar of the University of Life, a Guerrilla veteran farmer and a man on a mission to get everyone growing their own food.

AKIM, a self-confessed soil nerd, empathy farmer, and expert on bio-remediation of organic waste, is here to share his knowledge of “How to” grow your own food.

Farm workshops for 2022, booking essential, held on the Green Guerrillas farm, South Peninsula, Cape Town.  50% Deposit required to secure booking. For direct enquires click here.

Current and Upcoming Workshops:

The 6 Roads


Grow just about anything. How to make living soil and grow with it.

From Ground to Plate


The whole hog, exploring from mouth to anus gutting techniques and bio-security.

Bio-intergrated Farming


Learn about our closed-loop system with pigs, chickens and compost worms.