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Small scale high yield farming

We believe pigs, chickens and compost worms are the perfect combination for bio-integrated farming, on a shoe string budget, that can be based on a small-scale model, produce high yields that have multi-dimensional benefits and possibilities for the small scale or emerging farmer.

Green Guerrillas have learnt by correctly managing and bio-integrating these 3 amazing creatures, creating space to follow their natural behaviour as best as possible we achieve an organic dynamic granting us permission to harness the exponential energy of microbes, and produce a thriving living soil.

It all begins with soil.

Soil is the basis of all human life.

How can the Green Guerrillas help you?

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Services offered:

Explore our affordable small scale high yield farming products

Grow Membrane

Instant turnkey high yielding grow system from 10m x 1.2m. This system allows for growth in arid ground, even your driveway will do.

AACT (Aerated activated compost teas)

Small scale systems that can exponentially grow, harnesses the life force of microbes in primitive methods, that is backed by science