Urban Farming

Patio, balcony, backyard farming

Growing your own food is a life skill; from a little space available on your windowsill, to your roof top and backyard garden.  Everyone has space to grow their own food.
We don’t need land to grow food, we just need space. – AKIM Riemer

Green Guerrillas have over the years tried and practiced different progressive concepts to address food sovereignty and become very aware of how bio-remediation of organic waste is the solution.

Education and experience are critical in successful urban farming, we suggest you start small, and learn by doing.

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Addressing the protein crunch

The cost of living is sky rocketing, the price of meat and eggs is pinching our pockets.  We, the Green Guerrillas, have designed a system using quails, microgreens and compost worms, based on closed loop farming principles.  Our system requires minimal space (3 square meter foot print), and can be set up on a balcony or patio,  and will produce 1800 organic quail eggs per year based on the philosophy of empathy farming. 

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